30 day running date alert



I'm trying to create a date range that will be continual, comparing today to 30 days ago. I have a feeling it's somewhere within creating a calculated field, but I don't know what the formula would be. My idea would be to have a specfic filter that would include date(today, today - 30days) but the actual process is unknown to me. I would only need those two dates to do a percent difference alert for different variables. Thank you!

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  • ST_-Superman-_
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    No worries, you just need to change my formula to fit your field names:


    I used `Date` because I did not know what you called your date field.  


    Change it to `Your Date Field Name` and it should work


  • You can accomplish this by creating a beast mode calculation and then using that calculation as a filter



    when `Date` = CURDATE() THEN 'true'

    when `Date` = DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 30 DAY) THEN 'true'

    else 'false'


    • @ST_-Superman-_ I appreciate the help! Unfortunately, I'm recieving the " Invalid Formula : A column in this calculation did not exist." error when I try to evaluate the formula you included in your comment. Should I be doing more than just "adding a calculated field"? I've added a screenshot to hopefully clarify what I'm doing wrong. Domo Question.PNGSorry I'm terribly new to this program. Thanks again!
  • killer thanks so much!