Do MySQL dataflows support the use of the WITH clause?

I'm trying to use a WITH clause as outlined here:

in one of my MySQL dataflows.


But I keep getting this error:


"The database reported a syntax error. You have an error in your SQL syntax"


My (very simple) code is:


WITH test AS (SELECT`EmaiName` FROM transform_data_2)
SELECT `EmaiName` FROM test


As far as I can tell that should be correct - is this just a matter of Domo not supporting WITH?


Not a big deal either way, but it would be nice to know.



  • Hi,


    I had the same issue some time ago. And could not find a solution or documentation on DOMO about this.


    My workaround was to use a transform for each Common Table Expression and then reference them in another transform or output.


    Technically it's not the same but it serves the needs.


    Hope this helps.

  • I ended up doing the same thing. Sounds like WITH probably just isn't available in Domo then.


    Thanks for your input

  • @ocrkm


    If @RGranada reply addressed your question please marked it as solved.


    Also you can suggest this as an enhancement in our Ideas Exhange.



  • Would be nice to know what other standard mySQL features arent supported by DOMO.   the With statement is commonly used.  Do we need to request an enhancement for every feature in mySQL that DOMO doesnt support?  Perhaps some doc would be nice to tell the end user "mySQL is not the actual mySQL, but a limited set of its abilities.  DOMO currently does not support the following mySQL functions/features...."


    WITH is probably been around for many versions.