Bringing in Fields with SFDC "lookup" types

I am having issues trying to build a chart that has Account Executive names plotted in the X axis but it seems like the field type is a LOOKUP which means that instead of seeing their names in the x axis, I see ID strings 00500000234234. What is the best practice to go about this so I can get their names and not their ID?

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  • pliu
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    @jfestejo0614, since it's a lookup field in Salesforce, you should be able to bring their names in by selecting something like `Owner.Name` in your dataset. 

  • Billobi
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    When pulling a custom lookup field (often used for users to force an input selection) that is returning a UID, you'll want to try out the __r suffix.  Check out this -



    So if is a custom lookup, you'll need to put the field into your query as Account.country__r.Name to get the translated result.


  • Is the file that the Account Executive names are coming from in the lookup also included in your dataflow to Domo?

  • @jfestejo0614, Did the above suggestion help? Please let us know. Thanks!

  • I have the same issue. I have an field, also Lookup type, and it is giving me data like a0fa00000077btLAAQ. How can I fix it?

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