Is it possible to rename column headers in a SUMO card?

I need to rename column headers in a SUMO card?  Is this possible? I saw a thread about this from 2016, but don't see anything further.  Thanks!

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    Had the same problem in the past and my solution was to rename the columns in a SQL dataflow like this:


    Select column1 AS MyDesiredName, column2 AS MyDesiredName2 From MyDatasetName


    I think this can also be done on a MagicEtl, I just don't use MagitEtl.

    From my point of view, there is no other straightforward way to do this.


    Hope this helps.


  • The short answer is no.

    The long answer is you can create beast modes with the name you want and use the beast mode instead.  You just have to create the beast mode on another card and share it on the datasource so the Sumo card can use it.  Or, for that matter, create a separate dataflow dataset and rename any of the columns you want in your dataflow.

  • Ricardo,

    Thank you!  I was hoping to avoid renaming in SQL, but I can certainly do so if that's the only option.


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