How can i increase the width of lolipop chart?

there is no option to increase the size of width of lolipop chart so how can i increase it?


  • Hi!

    Can you tell us about the need a little bit more?  Do you have too many series on your X Axis and want to make it more readable? And are you referring to seeing the card on a page level, or viewing the card by itself?


    Cards really just have 3 or 4 sizes on the page view, and the individual view is based on your browser window.

    When I've had cards that I need more screen like that, I choose a horizontal version instead of a vertical version.  That way you can scroll down on the screen to see more, but each series value has plenty of screen real estate.  Is that something you'd consider?


  • Hi,

    I have too many series on my X Axis and want to make it more readable ,right now its very thin and i want to make it thick. i am attaching a screenshot of it please check it.




  • Thanks Abhishek

    When you save the card and see it on your page in fuller view, not analyzer view, it should be wider and offer more room for the text.  If it's still not enough room there, I recommend changing the chart type to horizontal instead of vertical.

  • I did evrthing what you said but it is still showing same as before.




  • You'll probably have to try a different visualization then. Vertical bars with lots of series get crowded.

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