Specifics on connecting to Sharepoint and Project

Does anyone know the exact steps (url depth needed) to connect to sharepoint online?  Also, will connecting to sharepoint grant access to Microsoft Project?


  • Are you using this connector (which is hidden from normal view)




    I've only done a little testing but I was able to get a document with the relative URL.


    So for example if your  company URL is company.sharepoint.com that would be setup in the credentials account, and then in the connector under relative URL you would have something like "/Company%20Documents/Folder1/DomoTest.xlsx".


    The full URL you go to would be company.sharepoint.com/Company%20Documents/Folder1/DomoTest.xlsx

  • That is exactly what I'm talking about.  Thank you.  I'll try that out shortly.

  • Also make sure to try to find and use the direct link to the document, SharePoint Online likes to throw a bunch of stuff at the end/in of the URL for all sorts of stuff. As basic as you can to the file path

  • So it looks like that isn't working yet.  The error I'm getting appears to be authentication related so I'll have to do some digging on my end to see if I'm being blocked by something else.

  • Were you able to figure it out? I too am having issues authenticating,.