Making 2 lines as symbols and rest as lines in a line chart.

I want to make my total and plan as symbols, while the rest of the products are shown by lines in a line chart. 
As of now, all the lines turn into symbols or lines. 

Is this possible?  



  • You can create a Bar and Line or Bar and Symbol chart.  I am not aware of an option to create a Symbol and Line chart.  Try creating your visualization as one of these other options and see if it will work for you.

  • Hi Scott, thank you for replying. 

    Yes, it is true that can be done in a line and bar chart. Although, we have a requirement where we would like to do the same in a line chart. 

    So, should i consider that it cannot be done?

  • To my knowledge, this feature is not available yet.  You should add it to the Ideas section and you may see it in a future release.

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