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I'm looking to setup a followable alert for most recent closed month.


Background: We currently have a flag in the data "Yes" or "No" for "Is Month Closed". Right now I have a text card displaying the most recent month where the flag = 'Yes'. What I'd like to do is get an alert that triggers when the most recent closed month changes from month to month. (In the current case, most recently closed was July, I want to get an alert when the card displays August).

I don't want to have to display a numeric value on the card (or any card) to setup the alert if possible.


Any ideas? 





  • Here's the only way I've been able to get an alert to trigger without including any number values in the visual, maybe this will get you started in the right direction:


    1. Instead of having 1 dataset with your months and Yes or No flag, break it into a new dataflow so that your current dataset populates an "Only Yes" dataset. Use this for your visual.

    2. I did a Descending Month sort on my text card to get the most recent month in from the new dataset.

    3. On my alerts, I chose "Any Item" and "Changes Rank". This way anytime a new "Yes" gets added by the dataflow, the items rank is updated and you get an alert. image.png

















    Hope this helps!


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  • Thanks @Valiant I'm going to give it a shot and let you know if it works! 

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