exporting Domo queries: Excel not capturing all records from table

I have a table in Domo where, after the filters are applied, I'm left with ~900k records w/ 4 columns.


When I select 'share' and export the data to excel, it only exports the first ~3500 records.


I'm having trouble figuring out why this is because I know excel can easily handle the full data set.


Has anyone had the same issue; if so, what's the solution?


  • Hi,


    Can't replicate your issue.


    I have Table Cards that commonly export 100k records to excel...

    Is it possible you are having problems with your download?

    The number of records exported is always the same of it fluctuates every time you export?



  • Hi, Ricardo
    The number of exported records fluctuates. Furthermore, it doesn't seem to be exporting the first (n) rows, either - the first record as shown in Domo does not match the first record shown in the Excel export.

  • Have you tried another browser?

    What browser are you using?

  • using Chrome.
    Are there any known issues with using this browser for Domo?

  • Not that o know of.
    That is my main browser as well.

    Was suggesting other browser just to see if the behavior is the same.
  • Do you have the same problem if you export to CSV instead of Excel?

  • Thanks for the help, all !
    Turned out to be a filetype issue. Problems were with Excel; exporting to CSV instead works.