1 trend using 2 columns of data

Is there a recommended chart type or beast mode calculation to show a trend with 2 series data points:

e.g. I want to show the trending count of active users; start date is one column, and end date is another. I do not want to show cummulative users (which does not account for cancels/end dates) or gross adds.  Is this possible? What is the recommended approach or beast mode workaround? Thanks.


  • To make sure I'm understanding this correctly, do you have a data grid that looks something like this?


    User IdStart DateEnd Date


    In order to do what you are doing, we may need to move to Magic ETL or DataFlow.  Normally in this kind of scenario, we join that table to a calendar dimension table (We have some Domo Dimesions DataSets available.  If you'd like to use one, please reach out to your CSM or Support) and do some simple greater than or less than logic to identify number of active users.



  • Thanks, Cody. That is exactly it.

  • As an example, say we used a date dimension table that had a row for every day between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 - Let's call it date_dimension.  


    We could join that to our main DataSet - let's call it original_data - like this (using MySQL syntax):





    FROM `date_dimension` a

    LEFT JOIN `original_data` b ON a.`date` >= b.`start_date` AND a.`date` <= b.`end_date`; 


    From there, we could build a card using the a.`date` column as our x axis and the b values for a count of users.

  • It has been 21 days, and neither domo support nor individual customer reps have not been able to assist or fulfill the request for calendar dimension tables.  


    Sounds like this is not a realistic solution if it cannot be fulfilled.  Any other ideas or suggestions from the community or domo superusers?