Is it possible to snap shot salesforce data on a daily basis to run point in time reports?

Can Domo capture daily Salesforce snap shot data into the repostory to be used in reports, like opportunities,  that can compare two specific dates?  For example, we want to compare all the Oppty stages same time last week to see what changed.

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  • codysirwin
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    Definitely.  Domo has the ability to create append chains across DataSet runs in order to do snapshotting.


    To set this up, simply change your update settings to 'Append' instead of 'Replace':

    Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.06.24 AM.png

    From their, you can use the _BATCH_LAST_RUN_ value (a column that Domo adds when the DataSet runs) as your snapshotting date.

  • codysirwin
    Accepted Answer

    Note that by taking the approach outline above, you need to be careful when using that DataSet for non-snapshotted use cases since it will automatically count all historical values instead of just the latest snapshot.  Normally, we'll run this kind of DataSet through a Magic ETL or DataFlow to add a 'Latest' column that flags which records came in as part of the last run.  We'll use that column as a filter for cards that satisfy a current and not a snapshotted use case.

  • KurtF
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    Here's how I would approach this.


    Ideally, you would have your Salesforce dataset configured to Append when it updates each week.


    Use your Salesforce opportunity dataset as an input to a Magic ETL dataflow. Connect the input dataset to an 'Add Constants' widget, create a new constant column called ReportDate, select Date as the column type and then choose Current Date as the constant value for the new column.


    Create an output dataset and name it something like 'Salesforce Oppty Weekly Snapshot.' This way, each week when the Salesforce dataset updates you'll get the entire dataset with a ReportDate field you can use to view opportunities at different points of time.


    Let me know if you have other questions about this.