Email Connector - multiple attachments

I'm trying to get an email connector to work on an email that contains multiple attachments. It seems that even though I specify the name of the attachment in the details of the connector, it always seems to pull in the data from the first attachment.

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  • Thank you for your question; I'm looking into the details. In the meantime, can you tell me what email service (Outlook, etc.) you are using?


  • Can you provide the file name? Special characters may pose issues.

  • yes, it is Outlook


  • PdTqanspI604790


    I'm not seeing any special characters. Also, the connectors do pull in data (they aren't breaking or producing an error), it's just coming from the wrong attachment (PdTqanspI604785)

  • Okay, thanks, I'll look a bit deeper into this.


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  • Capture.JPG

    The circled file is what I'm trying to get into the connector, but it's pulling the data from the highlighted file



  • I wasn't able to zero in on the issue just by referring to the connector documentation, and I didn't see any other likely causes from the information you provided. Given the specific nature of the issue, I would recommend contacting Domo Support:


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  • @smaiolo,


    I think the issue may be that the email attachment expression is not being recognized. Does this attachment name change with each email?


    If it always starts with PdTagIaXXXX.csv, then try inputing 

    PdTagIa* in the 'Attachment Name Expression' field.



  • @smaiolo,


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  • @smaiolo,


    Did the replies here help you out or did you contact Domo Support in this case?



  • no, the attachement name remains the same. As you can see from the picture, there are 5 different attachements. no matter what I do, Domo pulls in data from the first attachement, even when the name expression is equal to any of the other attachement names.



  • I contacted support about this issue a while agao and they have not responded yet

  • Thanks @smaiolo,


    I sent you a PM to send me the case number so we can follow up.