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I have the following data:


Date               Check amount

10/11/2017        $50

10/11/2017        $60

10/17/2017          $55


I need to build a graph showing average daily check so on a X asis I will have two dates: 10/11/2017 and 10/17/2017 with the values (50+60)/2 and 55 respectively. Please help

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  • RGranada
    RGranada 🟢
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    Try this layout:




    Where BT_Date is the following Beast Mode:




    Hope this helps.


  • @RGranada Just so I understand, what is gained by concating the date field like that?

  • Just did it to avoid having more than two dates in the x-axis....

    If we just try to convert the date to a string, due to a currently identified Bug DOMO would still assume the Beast Mode as a data and show all the dates between the populated records.


    Is there a better way to achieve it?



  • No, that makes perfect sense.  If he wanted to graph the average check by week or month, or to be able to select the level of granularity, he would just keep the date field without the beastmode.  The downside there is that when you are looking at the day view, he would also see any empty days in the x axis.  


    Thanks for the explanation!

  • thanks a lot, perfect!

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