Card not showng last few rows of data from google Sheets

I have a card connected to a simple google shhet where the first field is date. he card has a date filter, and  My users have reported that they are not seeing data from October, which is the last 7 lines in the Google Sheet. Looking at the data source in Data Center I can see that the data has been imported, and other cards with different views show that there's data from October, but that one particular card doesn't show anything.


Can anyone point me in the right directon to look for a solution?


  • What can you tell us about that card in particular?  What's the chart type? What are the filters saved to the card, if any?

  • It's a stacked bar card, each bar is a row in the dataset. First column is date, which is used to filter results in this card. Second column is a text identifier, then there's three columns of numeric data. The Dataset has 219 rows of data.

  • As long as you don't have a date filter in place, with the date picker or in a beast mode or anywhere else, the card should show all of your data.  If it doesn't, try some other cards, especially the table card.  Maybe try the table card and reconstruct it just like your dataset.  With a card that looks like your data and no filters in place, you should essentially see your dataset.  If you don't, also try exporting to see if the rest of the data shows up.  If not, something's wrong with the visualization, even though the data exists.

    We've run into a problem somewhat like this.  In my table card I'm displaying row level data without filters. If some of those rows in the data are identical, only one row will display in my card.  Domo support is looking into it.


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