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I have a table like the enclosed one, which is based on a huge file, with the help of ETL I was able to reduce the complexity to this level.

My problem is that I can´t aggregate each day to one row. The aggregation is based on the filter.


So, when I want to see salesfigure for all platforms and all productgroups, there only should be one row with an aggregation of the sales figures 1 to 3.

If I won´t to check platform 1+2 and sales for product group 2+3, there only should be 1 row per day, if anysales happend.


Unfortunately, I was not able to find a good solution for my problem, perhaps someone knows a smart one!



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    Do you have the "salesfigure" fields calculation set to SUM? Like this:



    All the 3 fields need to be set this way.


    Let me know if it worked for you.


  • Hi,


    If I correctly understood your problem and you want to aggregate to the level you are describing, you can't have the "platform" or "productgroup" columns directly on the table, because like that you are setting your grouping to date, platform, productgroup. With every different combination of the date, platform, productgroup DOMO will add a new row to the table.


    Either find a suitable aggregator for "Platform" and "ProductGroup",  or delete them from the table.


    If you really need the columns present in the table, what would their value be?


    Hope this helps, don't hesitate to ask if you need more insight on this.



  • Hi,

    I actually don´t need "Productgoup" and "Platform" within the table. I tried your suggestion before, but unfortunately I still had the same outcome, but without those 2 columns.




  • Do you have "Productgoup" or "Platform" in the sort order?



  • No, my sort order is only based on "Date". Productgroup and Platform are only used as Filters.

  • Is this anything like what you need:




  • Thats exactly it.


    Could you explain me how to aggregate the sales figures?




  • I am very sorry, I thought that a SQL case is necessary, I didn´t even think of such a convenient solution.


    Many thanks!!

  • You're welcome.


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