Simple Subtraction

I am trying to use beast mode to calculate the difference between two of my fields to show the difference in another calculated field.  


I have a state with x amount of aggregate available and the state with x amount of aggregate used and I am trying to create a calculated field to shown the difference or remaining aggregate available for the state.


Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • As simple as this maybe:

    `available column` - `used column`

    That would give you the difference on a row level


    If you ever want to display these amounts across several states or across other dimensions, then maybe aggregate it up like this first

    sum(`available column` ) - sum(`used column`)

  • thanks for your help.  i was able to get it to display but only for one state and one row.

  • What kind of chart are you using and which of the suggestions did you use?  Any filters in place?

  • it is a simple table and i tried both of your suggestions.  



  • Hm.  Make sure you don't have any filters or sorting in place, and you're looking at all time, not just one particular day.

    Aside from that, if you're using an aggregation in either the beast mode or the column configuration, the table should add up all of the differences for every dimensions you've added as extra columns.

    If it's not, contact support.

  • thank you