Data Fusion Request - Changing Column Names

Hi - 


Could you please prioritize adding the ability to change field names in Data Fusions after they have been created? 


I understand that currently this is only possible at the initial creation stage. This is problematic because additional field names not only come in unchangeable, but they are combined with their original data set name. Thus if a data field is coming from data set "TEST 12345" and it's name is originally "AAA", the Data Fusion name is "TEST 12345 - AAA".


In my use case, this is particularly problematic because -

 1) We depend a lot on adding new colums to a CSV that gets uploaded into DOMO and Data Fusioned into dataset. These new columns are not able to be re-named.


2) DOMO currently does not effectively support card migration between data sets (e.g. it's not possible to migrate drill downs in bulk). Thus it is necessary to update existing Data Fusions instead of creating new ones.


3) The dataset name + field name naming convetion in Data Fusions is not useable from a client facing perspective


Let me know if additional details are needed for this feature update request.

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    I'm sure Domo is aware of this request.  It was a problem 3 years ago when I was there.  Data Fusion isn't a big priority for them, compared to other product features.

    I can't say where it is on the roadmap, though.  They keep that information really tightly held.


  • These are issues for sure.  DataFusions are fast and helpful but have limited functionality compared to SQL and ETL dataflows.  You could try those methods instead.  Make sure to also submit this request on the Ideas Exchange for others to indicate interest as well.

  • @AS - Following up from a long time ago.


    Do you know if solving this problem is something on the roadmap for DOMO? And if so, when?


    Unfortantely, in my use case, the dataflows are not a useable option because they take ~7 hours to run for each daily update to the data.

  • Thanks for the reponse! Apologies for assuming that you currently worked at Domo.