Altering how a card/chart is displayed in a Group/Collection

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Hi.  I'm new to Domo and I was wondering, is any way to alter the graph that is displayed on the card when I view the group/collection?  For instance, the attached graph is so scrunched and tiny that you can't get any value at a glance for a dashboard type of experience.  So I was hoping that I could alter the "thumbnail" in the Collection so it might show just something like the first five lines of the chart, but when the card is clicked the person could see the full chart.  In the group or collection, I haven't been able to find a way to make it big enough for it to be readable at-a-glance.  Is this possible?

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    Hi, Welcome to Domo and to the Dojo ?


    There are two ways to approach this.  The first is to make the thumbnail as large as possible1.png





    The second, is to adjust how the card is displaying the data.  It looks like you have a very long tail on the card that you shared, you can have Domo display the top 15 or 25 bars of data and then group the rest into an "other" bar.  You can select to hide the other bar if you want to.  This should get rid of that long tail and let you view the other data more easily.3.png





  • You could also just make a card with the first 5 bars and then have it linked to the full card.  This way, when the user was viewing the dashboard, they would just see the first 5 bars but when they clicked on it for more detail there could be a linked card that would take them to the full data set.  The option to link a related card is found at the bottom of the page when you are viewing a card:1.png




  • datadiva
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    But can this be done dynamically?  I don't see how to limit to the top X based on the measures.  I could do it for the dimensions, but that's not going to update correctly when the data set changes.  Is there a way to do that?

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    I had found the small/medium/large for the thumbnail and the pic is of the large, but the maximum bars is exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks!