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How do I show the top 10 results based on sales. I can't remember where to enter "10" to restrict the number of rows shown in the table.

thank you

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    Hi @debbie_a


    It's found at the bottom of the card analyzer page in the Data Table section.  Top left of that is a box that says All Rows.  Click on that and adjust the number of rows that appear in the output.


  • Thank you! I'm glad to know it's in a new spot.

  • I'm trying to do this for a pie chart and it's not working for me. I have the table at the bottom set to only show the top 5 values (sorted descending by a certain value in the sort field), and yet it's showing all 9 values in the pie chart

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    When I use Google Chrome this works as expected for me.  I can't say for sure why it's not filtering for you.

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