Date Quick filter not always showing

As I have been building out cards with various date filters, I have noticed that sometimes Domo displays a date selector while often times it doesn't.  What determines if this is shown.  I am wanting to have this show up for most of my cards but it only is shown on a few.





  • This date selector should show up for most cards unless the option to turn it off has been selected.  That option is at the bottom of the Date Range menu on the card analyzer view and is labeled as "Hide Date on Card Details"

  • I am still not seeing this date selector.  I have the box unchecked and it still is not appearing.  Could this possibly be due to me only being on the free plan?

  • Another thing to check is to see if the date field you're wanting to use is actually seen as a Date type by Domo. 


    I know we've had instances where I've had to go back in a dataflow and use something like STR_TO_DATE(`date`, '%Y-%m-%d') to convert the "string" to a "date". 


    You'll know it's being seen as a date field if it has a little calendar icon in the left hand side of the analyzer window, otherwise if it has 'T' it's seeing a text field and you'll need to convert it first.image.png



  • I've tried that as well... I'm not seeing the quick filters I have setup showing either, even when I click on the filter button when viewing the card. Screenshot_3.png

  • You also need to make sure that the Date Range Field is being used in the table or visualization.  If you don't actually want to see the date, then you could apply the date field to the sort by section.  

  • I'm also doing that... I can't figure out what's wrong with this!

  • To my eyes that passes all tests I would undertake.  It definitely might have to do with the free plan.  Maybe @DaniBoy can rustle up some resources to give you a definitive answer.

  • Thanks @AS


    @mattchandler can you shed light on whether this is a Free versus Standard limitation?




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