Fusion Data sets and Beast Mode Formulas

If all of the data inputs to a Fusion are changed (but dimension and metric names are identiflcal to previous datasets), will the beast mode formulas that sit on top of this Fusion remain intact? 


  • Hi,


    Are you referring to BeastModes shared in the datafusion's result dataset? Or beastmodes used in cards built upon the datafusion's result dataset but just saved on the cards themselves?





  • Hi Ricardo,

    Yes, I am referring to BeastModes shared in the datafusions result dataset.


    The scenario is that we've created new datasets we want to insert into the fusion.  They have all of the same exact column names, with one new addition, so I imagine the Beast Mode formulas shouldn't break because of a dimension or metric name changed.


    I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this because we have a lot of Beast Mode formulas built ontop of the fusion output dataset, and we'd like to keep intact versus rewrite them over. 


    Thank you in advance for your help!