Default Date Format (date in data has MM/DD/YYYY, DOMO defaults to YYYY-MM-DD)



I've got a datastream pushing dates through in MM/DD/YYYY format




And DOMO seems to accept this no problem, but when I report on the dates, it pushes them into its default format of YYYY-MM-DD. I know a work around is to do a beast calculation and store as a date type- but I'd like to avoid having to create additional columns if I can help it.


Any ideas on how to work around? Either in the datastream/SQL pull, or in the background of domo itself? 


  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • If you are looking at the preview in a DataSet, it will usually display any columns with the "Date" data type in the MM/DD/YYYY format, but in order to be a "Date" data type, the underlying data must be in YYYY-MM-DD. Any other month/day/year format has to be Text.


    If you wanted it to stay in a specific format, the easiest way would be to either import it as a text column in the format that you want or use DATEFORMAT in a DataFlow before creating a card off of it.

  • @user02411 I should add that using DATE_FORMAT will make the column text instead of a date.

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