Using calculated fields in Card Summary

We have two series listed on a stacked bar graph. Both series use a calculated field. We would like to show the totals across a time horizon as a summary number for the graph. However there seems to be no way to show values. Also it seems we can't select a calculated value. Is there another way to achieve this? Thank you.


  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • @user07065 You should be able to put any of your calculated fields in the Summary Number. One thing to note is that they don't display with the "=" before the name when you're looking for them in the Summarry Number "Field & Function" dropdown. If you are still not seeing it in there, send a screenshot of the name of the beast mode and where it should appear in the dropdown.

  • Can you share youre beast mode/calculated field?

  • @Godzilla I don't know what your column names and values are, but I've done it with all kinds of crazy stuff in my own cards. Here's an example of one I've done in a card on my instance:


    CONCAT('My Closed Cases this Week: ', SUM(CASE WHEN `Owner.Name`='Jake Harris' THEN 1 END),' / ',
    ' Agent Avg: ', ROUND(COUNT(`Owner.Name`) / (COUNT(DISTINCT`Owner.Name`)))


    Do you have a specific beast mode that you are not able to use in the summary number? If so, share it and I can see if I can do something similar.


    (Unless your real question was wanting to know if it's possible to share Beast Modes, in which case, the answer is: Yes. You just need to check the box to share it on the DataSet when editing the Beast Mode.)

  • @Godzilla @user07065 Something I realize I didn't clarify here that may be the issue you are running into: Summary numbers can only be aggregated fields. If you try to just stick a string in a Beast Mode, it won't allow you to use it by itself.

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