Dataset does not display in overview tab in datacenter

I'm assuming this must be a broswer issue, that I can't see any data in the "overview" tab of a (dataflow) dataset in the datacenter. It does give me all other info, such as number of rows, etc... when I export to file it seems data is correct. However, the data does not dispaly in the browser from my laptop.


If I try same dataset, on a differnt machine, it works. I did try to restart chrome, CTRL-F5, reboot my laptop... I still can't see the data.







  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Hello @AshfordLC!


    In order to see all of the data in a Dataflow, you will need to be the owner, or be given access to all of the Input datasets (and if those are Dataflows, the input datasets to those and so on), and the output Dataflow in order to see all of the data available. 


    Are you currently able to see the entire tree of data that feeds into this Dataflow?




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