PDP Question

We are working on expanding our Domo users to include our outside account managers.  In doing this, our leadership wants those guys to each only see their individual information.  In other words, if John Doe logs in, he will only see information for the customers he is named as the account manager.


My first thought was that I could accomplish this with PDP, but when going through to test things out this morning on our Sales Transactions Data Set I saw this…



Is there another way you can see where I could accomplish the same end goal?  I’m not in a position today to completely change our approach to exclude DataFusions.


  • Hey @swagner, if I remember correctly, you can put PDP on the datasets that are powering the datafusion and it should work correctly. (Same with dataflows and outputs). 


    Hope this is helpful!

  • Just tried, this is what I got:



  • @swagner bummer! I thought that would work for sure. The only other solution I can think of would be to recreate your fusion logic in a quick dataflow and switch the cards to the new output. Not ideal I know. 


    Hope you can get it figured out.

  • Unfortunately as you have seen PDP policies cannot be applied to datafusions.  The other thing to be aware of with PDP is that any dataset with PDP policies used as a source for a dataflow will not adhere to the PDP policies applied and you will need to create new policies on the resulting dataset.  It would be great if the security policies could cascade through dataflows.