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Hi there,

I have a calculation which compares daily sailes from this year to last year. Addionally YTD will be calculated and compared.

Unfortunately, DOMO includes today as the starting date, which is 0 and compares that figure to the relevant day in the last year.

Therefore I receive a wrong YTD in my last year.


Does someone has a solution? I don´t want to change the date range (Today-1) manually. I already changed my SQL flow and ETL so, I don´t have a partial sales for today, but I can´t figure out how to automatically exclude the day of last year for today (If that makes sense) eg.

This year: 22.1.2018 (no value)

Last year: 22.1.2017 (value)


Many thanks


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    I would just create a beastmode that will allow you to filter out today's date.  You could then use this field to exlcude today's date and keep the date range as YTD.1.png

    You would just filter to exclude 'true' values 


  • +1 to Scott's idea.  We use a version of this all the time.

  • Thank you very much!

    Thats a simple and effective solution.



  • Hi


    Yes but when you compare YoY monthly totals on a YTD time range for instance, for the current month, today is valued at 0 which is what you want, but same day a year ago accounts for full. And the reports takes it into account because you are requesting a YTD report. So you end up comparing X days to X+1 which is meaningless. We should have a Year to Yesterday report as we have a year to date one.





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