Quick Filter to Change Value in a Chart

Does anyone know if its possible to have a Quick Filter change the value column of a chart?  


Example:  If I have a card built showing sales dollars by region for the year, and the user wants to see margins instead, is there a quick filter type option that could change out the Y Values so we wouldn't have to change/create charts?  We would want to define the Y Filters and only allow one at a time.  

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  • PodiumMason
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    Hey @bdetcher!


    I don't know if there's a way to do this by changing the y-axis directly. 


    One workaround that came to mind here would be to create a stacked or grouped bar with both sales and margins as grouped y-axis values. Then the user could just filter down to only see the sales or margins. Same basic functionality, but filters aren't on the values themselves, they'd be on the bar categories.


    Hope this is helpful!

  • ST_-Superman-_
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    You can accomplish this in a dataflow.


    You first need to collapse your columns down first.  The idea is to change the data set from something that looks like Table A to Table B:1.png



    You can then use the Value field as the y-axis and apply a quick filter on Type.


    Let me know if you would like help with the data transform.

  • bdetcher
    bdetcher 🟡
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    @ST_-Superman-_ - The dataflow makes sense.  Just means I would have to create another Sales Dataset and re-setup PDP if I want to use a chart like this.  We have other statistics that we would want to incorporate into the Value Column such as Quantity and Weight as well that would also need to come over.  Also would need amounts broken out by dates/periods as well to make this work.  


  • In that case, it would probably be simpler to create separate cards for each of the metrics.  But if it needs to be on the same card, and controlled by a quick filter then it's going to get very complicated.



  • Great ideas here.

    You might also inquire with Domo about "stacker" if you haven't already.  It can provide the flexibility you're looking for.

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