Can ownership of a dataset be shared by two or more people?

I found how to change the owner of a dataset (, but when I try to add a second owner to a dataset, the second name doesn't take.  Is it even possible to share ownership of a dataset?

Specific use case is to have a back-up owner for manually loaded files.  I know that I can change ownership for instances when the owner plans to be unavailable, but would like to manage instances when the owner's lack of availability is unplanned.



  • Currently we're only able to have dataset and dataflow ownership by a single individual, plus administrators can access everything.

    What issue are you confronted with?  Data is out of date when someone is unexpectedly gone?

  • Thank you for the quick response.

    The issue is that our team has a couple of data sources that are uploaded manually.  We want to establish a back-up person for uploading the data.  Having only one person (owner) who can do this is not an issue but periodically the need arises to upload data when the owner is not available - hence the backup.

    Is there some other means of achieving this other than through ownership?

  • You're welcome!

    There are many ways to acquire data in Domo. What sort of file are you working with and where is it stored?  Can you have individuals share files on a network drive that Domo Workbench can access on a schedule?  That would remove the necessity for manual uploads as well as finding backup users.  What about having a shared file in the cloud that you can set an API connection schedule for?  Same outcome there.

  • Thank you for the response.  It's not so much the scheduled uploads that are a concern, but the ad hoc uploads.  I am in the process of setting up scheduled uploads.