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Hey all,


Does anybody have any experience writing a beast mode formula to insert a hyperlink into a table value within Domo? Can't seem to get it right.


Thanks in advance!

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  • Thanks! I was able to get the hyperlink value to be clickable, but the link takes me to a page within domo, not to the external link. 


    It's basically taking me to a blank page that has the same url as my original domo page with the url i'm trying to link to at the end

  • Never mind just figured it out, just needed to add the https:// in front. Thanks for your help!

  • Could you please describe in greater detail, as to what values go where and why?


    Unsure what `Link` and `Title` refer to, and, if the ` is necessary. Example data:


    A four-cell table. Headers: NAME and COLOR. Values: BOB and BLUE.

    And I'd like BLUE to be a link to this page:



    Appreciate your help!

  • AS
    AS 🟣

    `Link` and `Title` refer to the columns in the data with the symbols being the column identifiers.  Like `NAME` or `COLOR`.  All beast mode column references require the symbols.



    CONCAT('<a href="', '', `Name`, '</a>')


    The name Bob will show up with the underlying link to the Blue wiki article.


    You could put a case statement in there to insert the color value into the web link, given the web page is the name from the data.

  • Hello,

    I am in a very similar situation, but I have a column that already contains the URL. As of now, the URL is not clickable, so I need to make Domo recognize it as a hyperlink that can be clicked on. So I have a column named 'Link' which contains each row's URL. How can I use this column with Beast Mode to make these URL's become clickable hyperlinks? All i need is the raw URL to be clickable. I don't really need the URL to be a hyperlink with a name. Thank you in advance!


    Here is what I tried, which led to a new column named 'URL', but no links were populated: CONCAT('<a href="', `Link`, '" target="_blank">', '</a>')

  • AS
    AS 🟣

    Try something like this:


    CONCAT('<a href="',`Link`,'">',`Link`,'</a>')

  • Brilliant! Thank you! So very helpful! 

  • nbrx
    nbrx ⚪️

    Does anyone know if this beast mode works in the Mega Table card? I'm having issues with it.

  • datadiva
    datadiva San Antonio, TX ⚪️

    I have been able to succesfully do this in a Mega Table.

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