error in documentation of weekday beast mode function

I think the documentation for weekday function in beast mode is not compatible with its behavior in the documentation. 

Returns the numerical day of the week for all values in a date/time column (e.g. '0' for 'Monday').

but when I created a card I get this result which shows number from 1 to 7, 1 is for sunday.

I think the documentation should be updated.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.58.45 AM.png


  • I submitted a similar request probably two years ago when I worked for Domo.  I guess it still hasn't been fixed...

  • Hi @AS@sia


    Doesn't the value returned by Weekday depend on the instance configuration(first day of the week), or time zone settings?


    I made a quick test and I'm getting 7 for Sunday...


    Furthermore, it seems to me that WEEKDAY as been deprecated in favor of DAYOFWEEK, I can't even find WEEKDAY on the documentation anymore  (not on this link for example )



  • @RGranada, I think you are right that it might have been deprecated. 

    but about your first comment, I don't pass the timestamp and I don't have control on configuring domo instance. In the beast mode help it says it returns 0 for Monday. which is not what the function actually returns.Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.39.06 AM.png

  • Now that you mention DAYOFWEEK and WEEKDAY together, my previous ticket with Domo was regarding these two functions comparatively.  They used to display the same value, even though that beast mode editor function description indicated one was 0 start and the other was 1 start, but they were functionally identical.  Sorry for any confusion.


    I'm not certain how Domo regulates time-based beast mode outputs here with vertica but apparently it can be different across instances. @sia is right, the function description should match the function output.