How to Lock Down Month End Results

Hi All-

I'm looking for an easy way to lock down month end data/results. I have looked at both SQL and recursive ETL options. These are too complex for a novice user. My challenge is that a crystal report pulls month end data on 'loan status'. (We are trying to get away from these hard copy reports and use DOMO). When I pull a 'snapshot' of the database into a DOMO visual, let's say a week after month end, there are obviously changes to the dataset vs. month end. 'Loan status' has changed (i.e from approved to funded) and when I do a look back for month end, the DOMO output does not match the crystal report. What would be helpful is a flag or timestamp such that I can show what the output was at the last day of each month and archive it for future use. 


Any 'simple' suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.



  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Hello Trent-T,


    Thank you for posting your inquiry. The most simple solution would be to create a new dataset that runs once and pulls in your month-end data, but that may not be a viable solution if you have many reports and this may make it difficult to locate the right dataset when building a visualization due to the number of datasets that you would have as a result. The other option is more complicated. As you mentioned, you can accomplish your goal with a recursive dataflow, but this is a harder solution to implement. It sounds like you have considered these articles, but here are links if you wish to pursue that approach:



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  • Thank you Darius for taking the time to respond. I will go down the recursive route and see if I can make it work. Cheers,



  • Thank you for getting back to me, Trent-T. If you run into trouble, please feel free to reach out to the Support team to get you back on track. Thank you for your time!