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Hi there!


We are a very seasonal company. Therefore I would like to create Gauge Card, which simply shows the current date compared to the end of our season. Our season ends on the 30th of April and start around the 1st of December.


Unfortunately, my used data isn´t recognized by the card builder.


Enclosed you will find a quick paint as an example.

Does someone has a solution?


many Thanks


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  • PodiumMason
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    hi @Nikse,


    Just looking at the info in the knowledge base here:


    I think if you create a schema that has the date value as the category (not shown on the gauge) then the day of the year number as the Gauge value, with 1 and 365 (or whatever your season day of year values are) as the min and max values in the card, you will get close to what you're looking for. 


    Take a look at the documentation and see if it helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


    Best of luck!




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