How to find the Difference between Months of two dates. Eg : 01/01/2017(start date) and Curdate.?

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    Here's a beastmode to calculate the difference in months


    period_diff(date_format(`Enddate`, '%Y%m'),date_format(`Startdate`, '%Y%m'))

    Just plug in your own date values and you should be good to go.


    Let me know if that wasn't what you were looking for.




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  • There's a beast mode that can do this.


    Returns the number of days between two dates from datetime values.
    DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE(), 'lastmoddate')


    Is that what you're looking for?

  • Thanks for your reply Aaron, I am looking to calculate age in Months.
    Eg: How to calculate the number of months between two Dates.

    According to Excel formaule= Datdif(Startdate,Enddate+15,"M"), considering the values mentioned above in the question, expected answer is 14 months difference between date 01/01/2017 to todays date(2/26/2018).

    Im looking something similar in DOMO.

  • Thank you! it just works fine ?

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