Week to date conversion

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i have a requirement to display weekly revenue data in a group of quarter and year like attached.

How can i make it grouped with taking 2dimension in X-axis.


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    Hi Bikash

    I can't think of a way to nest multiple time labels on an X Axis.  Here's one thing you can try, though.

    Create a Quarter beast mode and use it as the series in order to call attention to the quarters in addition to the weeks on the label

    weeks and quarters.PNG

  • You could also do a nested view.  I know my data here is not matching your specific case, but you could have the nested group be the quarters (this way you could see the quarter total) with the inner bars being the total for each week.  Then the summary number would be providing the total for the year.1.png


  • Thanks for your reply.

    But just curious how can i create a nested view.




  • Hmm.... It is not behaving the way that I expected it to.  However, a Nested Bar is a chart type that you can select from the Vertical Bar charts.  Here is a look at what I just made.  However, I was hoping that each quarter would only contain data for the weeks that were applicable.  1.png


  • You could also create a "Running Total Line" graph.2.png





    Otherwise, my suggestion would be to start with a view of the information by quarter and create a drill path that would then give the details by week.