Dataset jobs not running on set schedule

I've been running into issues where Workbench is scheduled to run a job every morning at 6 AM, but when I open Workbench at 9 or 10 AM the job hasn't run and the status under the job name just shows "Next run scheduled for 6:00 AM". Has anyone run into this?


  • Including screenshots of a job that did run, vs a job that didn't run.

  • Also seeing some jobs that haven't run for multiple days. See attached screenshot.

  • Old topic, but I'm curious if you found a solution to this. I have run into the exact same problem, where the "next scheduled" day is a day that has passed. I have found that this can be computer dependent, as I had no issues on one machine, but it has happened on the other. 


    Running Workbench 4.62.

  • I don't believe we've ever found a resolution to this.  We've ran into it again recently and just rebooted the dedicated VM that runs Workbench.

  • We are also seeing the same issue on a dedicated server.

    Sometimes it just does not run for days.

    We have gone through the configs and everything seems to be setup correctly.

    And to be clear: the job does run as expected ~70% of time.

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