Additional textbox for explanation in KPI card

I would like to have an additional textbox for further explanation in a KPI card.

Reason is I have a data set is from a third party and I need to elaborate the source to avoid license issues. 

It appears that the only usable place for my own text is the card title. Only this is a always visible for cards but it already full to tell what is seen and don't allow formatting into more lines. 

I can detail the name of the data set but this not always visible e.g. on my smartphone I see only that it is in Excel file but not the name itself.

Also the sub line of the card title is only visible in the analyzer but not any more in normal card presentation.

And my searching in Domo and Dojo did not provided helpful results.


  • You can customize the verbiage related to the Summary Number on a card as well as the value of it, and it will be visible from even the smallest version of a card.


    If I am understanding your example, you could create a beastmode for the Summary Number, and the value of the beastmode could be 'NAME OF DATASET'.  One step further, if the timing of update is important, you could make the value of the beast mode a concatenation of your 'Batch Last Run' date/time AND 'NAME OF DATASET'.


    Concat ('Batch Last Run','NAME OF DATASET')


    Try that, let me know how it works,


  • Hi,


    I would do it in the description part of the card. if anyone hovers on the title then it pops up to show the description where you could mention your important facts regarding the cards. 


  • Tried and took me a while to find the note at the bottom here on also needed calculation functions in the beast mode field to make it available for the summary number:

    Ok if I just want to use the space of summary number for my text. If I also want to use an acutal summary number I have to take care for the number formatting. I my case that is be quite of an additional burden. 

  • I didn't find a function to retrieve the name of the data set or the upload time in beast mode. Then it is easier that I write my text just into the label for the summary number. 

  • Only other option I see (if the above are too burdensome) is to write the name of the Data Set as a column in your data set via Magic ETL and then just render that as your summary number value. That way, if you wanted to do this across multiple cards it would be a durable reference as opposed to a static, manual input into the summary number description.



  • Unfortunately I already use the summary number. Otherwises the way with ETL would be fine to replace the summary number with text in my many cards.


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