Color Rule on Grouped Bar

Say you have a grouped bar

X = Date/Month

Y = Amount


Bar 1 = Target Amount

Bar 2 = Current Amount


Each month has a different Target Amount. What I want it when Current Amount >= Target Amount then Color 1 else Color 2.  




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    Color rules can only be applied based on the field name or the value of that field.  They are not able to look at values from other fields.  


    You could try displaying just the Variance.  Created a beastmode

    `Current Amount`/`Target Amount`

    Then your graph would be a percentage of their target amount, the goal (or scale marker) would be set at 1 and you could assign color rules based on >=1 or <1.


    I think you should even be able to have the Target amount as a bar too, if you can split the y axis.  Have the left axis be the target amount and the right axis be the percentage.



  • You could create a beastmode to split out the current amount into an above target field and a below target field.  then add those to your graph instead of the current amount field:


    Above Target

    case when `Current Amount`>=`Target Amount` then `Current Amount` end


    Below Target

    case when `Current Amount`<`Target Amount` then `Current Amount` end


    You would then apply a color rule for above target and one for below target

  • Well i got the two beastmodes to work, but after dropping them into the axis, the bars would become separated depending on which beastmode was true at the time. 


    Ideally, it'd be nice to have color rules that reference other fields rather than static values. 

  • Perfect, thanks!

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