How to create custom scale for time on the x-axis?

I'm attempting to show the intensity at which items are recieved in real time, meaning the more boxes we're recieving the higher the line graph climbs.  My issue is how do I show a uniform scale on the x-axis to represent this in a visually consistent way?


I have something close but since the "Time of Arrival" is being used as my x-axis data, my set of data points varies depending on when the box was recieved.


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    So you want to show volume, but not necessarily tied down to a specific time, since that line can jump from nothing to something and back down again, appearing choppy maybe?

    What it your time units were wider? Like every hour instead of minute, or day instead of week? Or even varying amounts, like 12AM-6AM, 6AM-9AM, 9AM-10AM, etc?  You could use beast modes for that.

    Maybe give us an example of what you have currently and why it's not quite working for you.

  • Essentially I am trying to show how quickly we are recieving items down to the second on a live graph.


    When I set my x-axis as "time recieved" my values look like: 







    When I set my x-axis to this set of data points, the value labels appear as exact values e.g: (21:04.35, 21:05.22, 21:05.55, etc.)

    Instead I'd like them to appear as whole values (21:00, 21:01,21:02, etc) and then have my data points fall in between these points (for asthetics sake). The more data points that fall between these values the graph should increase in value along the y-axis to show the intensity at which we are recieving items.


    I hope this explains it better.

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    Oh, that's a really interesting use case.  Thanks for the extra detail. I can't think of a way to do that. 

    Maybe someone else has an idea here, but you can reach out to support to ask for help.


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    I've found that one way to do it is to take an exact values like (21:01.29, 21:01.54) and place them into a bracketed value in your database like (21:01.00-21:01.59) and label it as 21:01, this way all values will fall under this braket to show how many items have been recieved within the minute as a whole.


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    I must have misunderstood, then.  I was thinking you wanted to keep the time and graph bars down to the second, but only display minutes on the X Axis.  I don't know how to do independent axis labels and charted X axis values.

  • how were you able to do this? I am looking for something exactly like this.

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