Percentage Increase/Decrease Between Bars



Simple bar chart sorted by Month (Jan/Feb/Mar) with 2 series (Male/Female). Is there a way to use the Hover Text feature to show the increase or decrease month over month?


So I hover over the month of March and im in the male series. It will show me that it increase/decrease by X% from Feb. If i'm in Feb itll show me the increase/decrease from Jan?


Thoughts? Possible?


  • Hi all,


    Does anybody have any insight for @michaelscott?

  • @michaelscott Hey, I know the hover text settings aren't able to do calculations themselves, they will only take the calculations that are rendered somewhere in the card. You could build a percent change beast mode between your two series and add that data to your card, and then you could display it in the hover text settings. Try inserting this code into the 'Hover Text Settings' tab under chart properties: 




    - You may have tinker with it a bit but this should get you there. Let me know if it doesn't work, I'll give you another option try. 





  • @tbrock does that data have to be one of the values used to set up the card in order for the Macro to pick it up?


    This sounds like a great case study for some screen shots and calculation samples. I have often wanted the hover to show a correlated metric that may not be used to actually power the card.

  • @RobynLinden


    The data does have to be represented somewhere in the card for the hover text to pick that data up. I know on some chart types there is a macro that shows percent of total. You will have to click on the hover text settings to get the available list for that chart type though. 


    I agree with you. That would be super cool if we could have hover text show other calculations that were not displayed in the card. 

  • If you wrote that percent change beast mode, can you share it? I'm working on writing (A-B)/B but am not quite getting it right. 

  • @michaelscott, did any of the above replies help resolve your issue?

  • Not really - but i really appreciate the replies and effort though.


  • I reviewed this and I think I have a solution/work around for you. First off, the main issue is with the data structure. The data structure doesn't allow the calculation to be completed using beast mode. The way that I resolve this is to union the data to itself and advance the month of the second data set by one month. I then add a column that says if the data set is "Current" or "Previous" data which is adjusted one month.



    See sample screenshot below "POP - Sample Data.png"


    Once the data is prepped this way, you can set up a few beast modes in the card and get the POP number that you are looking for.


    See sample screenshots below:

    • POP - Male POP Beast Mode.png
    • POP - Female POP Beast Mode.png
    • POP - Male Amount.png
    • POP - Femail Amount.png
    • POP - Card Editor.png
    • POP - Line Settings.png

    Hopefully, this gets you closer to what you are trying to do. It should get you closer to the end goal here.

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