Card Summary Number not Matching Running Total Number

Having an issue getting a running total line's last value (90) to match up with the same value in the Summary Number (83) despite using the same Beast Mode calculation for both.


Any thoughts as to why these wouldn't match up?


Sum Number.PNG


Overall Num.PNG


Beast Mode Calc.PNG



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  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 🟢
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    in the summary number properties(your first screenshot), change to the  'User Current Value' selection. You currently have it set to 'Use all values'. 

  • jmo
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    I think the first step would be to verify that you have duplicates across dates (it's just a hunch until that is confirmed).


    Assuming that is true, you won't be able to get the summary number to match exactly using a count distinct function.  You may have to run a data flow to correctly account for the fact that you are recycling some customers over time.


    Have you confirmed that it is ok to have duplicated customers like this? You might have uncovered a data quality issue.


  • I thought it would be that simple that causes the summary value to change to just 1.00

  • How about the sort order, do you have the 'Last' option selected(as in screenshot below)? 





    How about the sort order in the 

  • Yeah it stays at 1 whether I choose first or last value.

  • Do you have more than one date field? Also, do you think the content of your "Active" filter would have any effect whatsoever? Just trying to get a better picture.

  • It's likely that you have at least one `Customer` that is repeated across the time periods. I'll use the following as an example.




    If you're using a running total, this data would result in 4 for 6/21 and 8 for 6/22. However, the summary number will show 7 b/c customer 5 is repeated.

  • Shouldn't using Count Distinct force it to only count each customer once, whether it's in the card or the summary number?

  • Yes, except that the query powering the card is grouping on the date. That means it will count the distinct users w/in each date. The summary number isn't grouping at all so it will count distinct across the entire set of customers.

  • Is there a way to get the Summary Number to group on the date so that I can get these numbers to match?

  • @jamesd, did any of the above replies help address your question?

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