Beast Mode Calculation for cutting off the last months

Hi all,

I have a question on how to create basically a Beast mode tyle filter that will cut off the last 3 months. 


my datecolumn is in the MM/DD/YYYY format (4/26/2018).  So I would like to take the most recently closed month (end of March) and subtract it by 3 months to only report data up to 12/31/2017.   


Thanks for your help.  



  • You could try this.  Using this field as a filter and select 'true' to show only dates you are looking for.



    when year(`datecolumn`) <= year(date_sub(curdate(), interval 4 month)) and month(`datecolumn`) <= month(date_sub(curdate(), interval 4 month)) 

    then 'true'

    else 'false'


  • Thanks for the response, I got a syntax error though.  Maybe it needs added parantheses somewhere? 

  • I realized it's missing "interval" and it was able to validate.  



  • Sorry about that.  Good catch