Problem with grouped and stacked chart. Need Help

I am pretty new to Domo and could not find a way to do what I am looking for.



I would want to group the data by country (grouped age field) and then stack the survey results. Here is an example of what my data looks like.



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    To my knowledge, you are not able to create a custom hierarchy for data fields, which is what I believe would be required to create the visualisation you are looking for.  


    However, I started by normalizing your data (collapse collumn in ETL) to create something like this:1.png



    Then I created a grouped bar chart and used country as a quickfilter:2.png




    This lets you view all countries together, or you can select a single country to view the data for that country:3.png






  • This is a lot of data to consume in one visualization.  Have you considered splitting this up into multiple cards?  Or, if you are going to present from Domo, you could start with a higher level view of the survey results and build out a drill path that would get to the level of detail you want.

  • I would want them to be in a single card. Excel does it so easily. I believe that a little tweaking could help me get the output I am looking for. But I am not sure what that should be.

  • This should do for me. Thank You for helping me out.

  • Sounds like you want to create a card that looks like this:Responses by Country and Group.PNG













    If so, you can do so using a stacked bar chart and dummy records to do the grouping (and normalized dataset shown in previous reply):

    1.) Create a concatenated field for the x-axis (Country and Age Group in this instance)

    2.) Create a dummy record for each space ("Europe 0", "UK 0", USA 0")

    3.) Create a display field that contains spaces in the dummy records and the value of the concatenated field for all other records  (note: each dummy record has to have a different number of spaces... otherwise they all get displayed as one space on the chart)Display field.PNG
















    4.) Use the display field for the x-axis, but sort by the original field

    5.) y-axis is counts and series is response


    Kinda klunky from a support perspective, though.

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