Can you only assign tasks to a project that you're a team member of?

Basically the title of the post - can people only assign a task to a project if they're a team member of the project?


This to me seems like an oversight because what if people who weren't assigned to the project sees an issue with a card and wants to assign it as a task to the project but aren't a team member?


I was also possibly looking into this feature as a ticketing system for issues that people detect in Domo, but that seems to not be possible with this if this is the case.


If this is the case and I'm not overlooking something is there another potential solution fora  ticketing system when someone detects an issue with a Domo card?


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    I think you can only add tasks to private projects that you have permission for as well as public projects.  Admins can see everything and add a task.  

    One option to consider would be to create a public "Domo Issues" project.  By default everyone should have access to that project if it's public.

    In order to add a task like that you probably have to go to the Projects and Tasks page and pick the right project, adding a task from there.  I don't believe you can add a task to a public project straight from a card or Buzz message.


    From Domo:


    • You can only assign tasks in projects of which you are a team member. A user does not already need to be a team member for the current project to receive a task assignment in that project.
    • You can assign a task to anyone in your company with a Domo account. If you do assign a task to a non-team member, they are added as a new team member for this project.
    • You can assign tasks to others while in your "Personal Tasks" project. If you do not choose a different project, these tasks do not remain in your "Personal Tasks," but are sent to the "To Do" list in the assignee's "Personal Tasks" project.

    Can you verify that this is the case?

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    That link is at


    One assignment option would be to make sure everyone is aware of who the Majordomo is and assign projects to that person from his/her profile.