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I began receiving the error over the weekend while trying to execute workbench jobs that have historically ran successfully. The error message "DomoApi.Exceptions.IndexingFailedException" did not help point in a direction for fixing the issue. Have anyone run into this before?


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    I think that Domo ran into some indexing errors on their side over the weekend.  I also had a data flow that ran for over 2 days (over the weekend) without erroring out while stuck on the Indexing step.  I submitted a ticket through Domo support.  


    I canceled the data flow and ran it again manually, which ran successfully in the expected amount of time.


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    This sounds to me like Domo encountered a problem after the data was loaded and during the table indexing phase.  If that's true, it's an error on Domo's part, not yours, and you'd likely just have to rerun the data.

    Did this happen to multiple datasets?  Did it happen multiple times?  Hopefully it's isolated and easily fixable with a manual push.

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