Is there a way to copy/paste a column of Excel Data into a Domo Webform?

I have a Domo Webform that I used to create a bulk filter.....I was able to copy/paste a large column of Excel Data into the Form, add a second column classifying all items as "TRUE", then run the Webform through my dataflows so that I could apply a Quick Filter where I could just Check the "TRUE" box, and, voila.....I had achieved in one click the equivalent of entering dozens or even hundreds of the items individually into a card filter.

Suddenly, though, I no longer can copy/paste a column of information from an Excel Sheet and paste it into the first column of my Webform, defeating the purpose.

Anyone have any idea what happened, or how to copy/paste excel data from multiple cells (column) into a webform?

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    This definitely still works for me using Google Chrome. I just tested it using some fake data:
    webform paste test.PNG


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    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


  • didn't occur to me that this could simply be a Browser wasn't working in Safari, but worked fine in Firefox (and, apparently, Chrome).

    So, I will just use Firefox if I need to populate this Webform.  

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    I'm surprised about Safari.  IE is typically terrible.  Most of Domo employees use Chrome on their Macs, from my experience.  I did, too.


    For anyone perusing this, the supported browser link is at