Effect of adding new column to imported data on an existing dataset/dataflow and populating it



I'm trying to add an extra column to a dataset that I have an ETL on.  What I'm hoping to do, is to take data that is coming in from a Netsuite connector and add on a column where I can mark if the customer product has actually been delivered.  This is not captured in Netsuite, but is important to have in visualization so we know which customer products the delivery team has delivered and what is still outstanding so we can determine if any project is at risk of not being delivered on time.  Can Domo do this?  If so, how?



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    I guess that I would first want to investigate if there were any way to automate that process.  If you want visibility of the derlivery status in Domo, then you will need to get that information to Domo as part of a new data source (either an uploaded spreadsheet or new connection).  


    Domo does not have an out of the box way of allowing you to input directly to a data set.  There is a Domo Webform, which is essentially a spreadsheet.


  • This depends on how you are getting your data on the delivery confirmation.


    Do you have this dataset in Domo already?  If so then it is a simple join to connect the two datasets.


    How are you tracking the delivery of products?

  • Delivery tracking is still a manual process.  I guess I could just import an Excel file and do a simple join, but I was hoping to cut out the additional import.

  • Thank you for the information.  I didn't know abot web form and it's basically what I'm looking for.