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I have a line graph that I'd like to add an annotation / text bubble to for the purpose of giving an example of why there's a spike. I'd like to tie it specifically to that spike so that as the data continues to grow, the annotation will stick with the spike. The "annotation" option appears to be greyed out for me on the ribbon. Do you know why that is?




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  • KurtF
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    It doesn't look like that is actually a date field. If it is concatenanted month and year then the Analyzer will not treat it as a date. You will need to write a BeastMode to format this as a date (which might be a little tricky). It would look something like this:



    CONCAT(LEFT(`Dimension.MONTH_AND_YEAR`,2), '-01-', RIGHT(`Dimension.MONTH_AND_YEAR`,4))


    Then drag this BeastMode into the x-axis and then Annotation menu should be enabled.


  • In order to do annotations the x-axis has to use a date value. Most often when the Annotations option is grayed out it's because you're not using a date field. Can you confirm the data types being used in your card?

  • Hi Kurt,

    Confirming it is a date field. 



  • Ah! Thanks so much. I used:


    DATE(CONCAT(left(`Dimension.MONTH_AND_YEAR`, 4), '-', right(`Dimension.MONTH_AND_YEAR`, 2), '-01'))

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