Beastmode calculation error dividing

I'm trying to create a BeastMode that will give me 'average views per user'.

(tool 1 views + tool 2 views) / total users = average views per user



(sum(`Tool 1 Views`)+Sum(`Tool 2 Views`) / (SUM(`Total Users`)))


My issue is that it VALIDATES the code but then gives me the following error: "An issue has occurred during processing. We are unable to complete the request at this time". I know the numerator executes correctly and the denominator executes correctly. Just not when I divide them


Anyone know any potential fixes? 



  • CONCAT (

    (sum(`Tool 1 Views`)+Sum(`Tool 2 Views`)) / (SUM(`Total Users`))

    ,' Views')

    Try this 

  • If that doesn't work, you could try this:

    case when sum(`Total Users`)=0 then 0 else
    CONCAT (

    (sum(`Tool 1 Views`)+Sum(`Tool 2 Views`)) / (SUM(`Total Users`))

    ,' Views')


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