Dynamic filtering based on date selections

Hey all, Is there anyway we can display the metrics based on the user selections?

Like I have to display the difference between 2 Forecast Sales, based on the user selection of the timeframe(2 calendar dates).


It should work dynamically based on User input range? Any way to achieve this?


  • If I am understanding your problem correctly, you could create a beastmode calculation with sum(forecast1) - sum(forecast2) and use it for the vaule. Then all the user would have to do is pick the date field to filter by and choose "is between."  


    - Brian

  • Hey Brian,

    The challenge here is the Forecast is the same database column, Its the difference of 2 values which can be calculated only at run time, I even thought of duplicating Dataset and creating 2 columns like Forecast1 & Forecast2, for which I need to do cross join and it will tax the performance..


    Hope you got the issue..

  • Unfortunately, beast mode does not currently support this functionality. Please see the below post for more information.







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