Using Sharepoint online connector to extract excel file

I am wondering if anyone has been succesful in pulling an excel file from sharepoint using the online connector. It seems I have tried every variation of the file's server relative URL with no luck. 

Thanks in advance for any help. 



  • I have, hopefully this helps.


    My setup was:

    • Report = Document
    • Server Relative URL = /CompanyWide%20Documents/Infrastructure/DomoTest.xlsx
    • File Type = XLSX
    • Sheet Name = Blank
  • Any luck?

  • We had the same issue and worked with a technical solutions rep to figure it out.  The issue was actually in the Sharepoint account setup.  We were connecting to a sub site in sharepoint and not the root and had setup the connector to goto the root of the sharepoint url ex:  but you have to goto the SharePoint Site root so we cut it a little short. It should have been in the accoun relative URL. Also make sure that when connecting to a SharePoint document, if you have spaces in your naming conventions use the %20 for any spaces.  

  • To add onto the comment above, have the filename.filetype as well. Example below: